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Our Employees

Our success is based on our team, which is at the heart of our priorities. Providing a safe and healthy work environment is essential at CBCo. The management team ensures that every employee is happy and satisfied when they come to work. Our working conditions and schedules allow our employees to balance their personal and professional lives in a harmonious way. 

For us, our employees’ happiness is a priority.


The Animals

Our employees receive training on animal welfare to ensure that all handling is done in full compliance with Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards. It is essential that all team members are aware of this aspect which is non-negotiable at CBCo. Nothing is left to chance: transportation, unloading, handling and slaughter. Everything is done according to the rules of the art and audited on a regular basis by CFIA veterinarians whose offices are located directly at the slaughterhouse.

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The Environment

We act with an eco-responsible mindset at all times. The protection of resources and the environment is a guideline in all our actions. By having our own water treatment plant on site, CBCo is independent from the aqueduct and sewer system of the municipality of Les Cèdres. All our wastewater is recovered and reused in the slaughterhouse.


Continuous Improvement

The slaughter industry is constantly evolving which is why CBCo is always trying to be ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge. Since the acquisition of the slaughterhouse, many improvements have been made on several levels. We are constantly trying to surpass ourselves by improving our installations, our equipment and our methods in order to reach a higher level of efficiency, safety and environmental respect. We are always listening to the concerns and suggestions of our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborators in order to create a company in constant evolution.



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