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Arrival of a new buyer in Quebec

On October 4, CBCo Alliance inc. will be recognized as a Buyer under the Hog Marketing Agreement.

Having demonstrated its ability to meet the requirements of the definition of Purchaser under the terms of the Agreement, CBCo Alliance Inc., located in Les Cèdres, has now reached the stage of filing a specific agreement.

Special Agreement Proposal 115 - CBCo JBMC

CBCo Alliance Inc. proposes special agreement 115 - CBCo JBMC. This aims to centralize the owner's pigs under a designation for which the feed is produced and/or controlled by Meunerie J. Bertrand inc. and/or Mario Côté. The genetics required is a purebred Duroc male approved by the buyer. Also, a special grid with a fixed divisor (Qualité Québec index for the last 13 weeks), revised each week, applies.

We remind you that breeders interested in applying for a specific agreement have until September 18 to do so in view of the October 4 movement. To do so, they must go to the Accesporc site, under the “Special agreements” tab.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Marketing Department at 1 800 363-7672.


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